Nailing colour with minimalistic style


Occasionally I get requests that seem a bit over the top, like when a client in Perth wanted a mirror frame painted with a colour accent so that it matched a very specific piece of artwork inside their Cottesloe home.

The client knew what she wanted so we needed to create the perfect shade of verdigris for her outdoor mirror.

Photos were exchanged I could see the vast contemporary home was layered with gorgeous minimalistic style.

The front door was one of those beautiful larger-than-life, dark stained solid timber doors, that pivoted on a vertical hinge. With the front door opened it was obvious why the colour mattered – there on the opposite wall was a beautiful feature oil painting created with layered glazes in stunning shades of verdigris.

As the mirror was to sit on a blank wall right outside the front door, it made perfect sense that the two pieces would work if the colours in them spoke to each other.

Minimalistic style works when the colour palette is stripped right back to neutral. Accents that are added need to speak directly to each other either as a perfect colour match or in complimenting layers.

Accessories need to do the same, either speak to each other like a mirror that reflects the beautiful view, or sit as a layer that complements- like the painting.

When you nail it – it’s happily ever after design style.