Creating a boundary wall that gives you privacy and style.

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When you share a common wall with a neighbour, the last thing you want is to see each other anytime you are in your own backyard.
You want a wall that not only gives you privacy but is also an element you can style to create your own personalized outdoor space.
The owner of this apartment restyled a section of their boundary fence to create a privacy wall to house a set of outdoor mirrors, that would add style to their courtyard.They began by replacing an open fence with a blank-canvas style wall.

As this was an area used for relaxed outdoor dining it was important that it brought light and life to the space.

They had chosen to hang arched mirrors from Rivas Design Repeats Range along the wall as they matched the architecture of their apartment and could span the length of the wall.

Planning allowed them to customize the wall to easily hang the mirrors. Crossbars on the wall were positioned to align with the tabs on the top and bottom of the mirrors. The frame was clad in exterior sheeting and the faces were capped so the wall looked more stylish. Painting the wall in a very dark colour helped it merge with the surrounding foliage.

The Repeats range of outdoor mirrors is designed to hang alongside each other to extend outdoor mirror designs across entire walls. Six double arch mirrors were hung along the wall to create a stunning feature.
Now when they entertain or relax in their courtyard they feel as if they’re in their own secluded space that has been styled beautifully. The wall has become a feature that gives them personalized privacy.