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Choosing an outdoor mirror to suit your garden or courtyard wall.


Outdoor mirrors are such fabulous features in garden spaces you want to make sure you get one that looks perfect on the wall where it’s hung. Because outdoor walls come in all shapes and sizes there can’t be a ‘one size fits all’ solution to choosing a mirror for your space.BUT if you want to […]

Mirror mirror on an outside wall

Circular mirror with vase 11

If you have a small outdoor space you’re struggling to style, hanging an outdoor mirror on a wall in that space is a great place to start your styling journey.Mirrors draw your attention to their reflective surfaces making small spaces feel intimate and full of intrigue. They catch fabulous views of your garden and courtyard, […]

Transforming plain garden walls to create functional outdoor rooms – East Melbourne

Transforming Outdoor Spaces

“Where there’s a wall there’s a way – to show off a gorgeous garden” When these Melbourne homeowners renovated recently it involved extending a wall through an existing garden space. This left them with a large plain brick wall in the middle of their gorgeous garden. Worse they looked right at that blank outdoor wall […]

The borrowed landscape design style

Landscape Design

How borrowing  from your neighbour’s landscape design can bring out the best  in yours. When Doug and Nancy came looking for garden decor for their courtyard wall they were after a mirror that would reflect the views from their outdoor living deck. Looking at their photos, it was easy to see the potential to get […]

Creating a unique courtyard with a mirrored privacy wall

Double arch mirror set

When faced with the problem of how to block the view of a neighbouring carport built right against the boundary fence of their courtyard garden, the owners of a terrace apartment in Sydney’s Woollahra thought a wall featuring an outdoor mirror might be the solution. The apartments’ owners, Richard and Dawn, found what they hoped […]

A stylish courtyard makeover you can achieve in a day, without tearing your place apart

1100 Trellis with Water Feature

Want to make over an apartment courtyard but body corporate restrictions make you think you can’t do much? – just don’t give up and do nothing.In city apartments around Australia body corporate rules can restrict the styling of courtyards. They can even stop you fixing things into the balcony spaces right outside your own door. […]