Choosing an outdoor mirror to suit your garden or courtyard wall.


Outdoor mirrors are such fabulous features in garden spaces you want to make sure you get one that looks perfect on the wall where it’s hung.

Because outdoor walls come in all shapes and sizes there can’t be a ‘one size fits all’ solution to choosing a mirror for your space.
BUT if you want to maximize the impact of your mirror regardless of the size of your wall then these two things make all the difference: 


SCALE is about how well the mirror fits the size of your wall. Whether the impact it makes fits.  Scale is the difference between your outdoor mirror looking like a deliberate feature on your wall or an accessory that is lost in the space. Our repeats range of mirrors allows you to scale up from one mirror to multiples so you fit the size of your wall perfectly.
Here are some examples.

POSITION is all about hanging your mirror to catch the best reflections from wherever it is viewed.
You might expect your mirror to reflect what is opposite to it BUT that only happens when you stand in front of it. When you look at a mirror from the side you will see a 90-degree reflection, which is why they catch distant views perfectly.
Check out what reflections our mirrors are catching.