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We are primarily online which is why we can offer you fabulous prices.
And we don’t have our range in any retail outlets.

We have our design studio in Sydney where most of our range on display.
..if you need to see something before you buy you are welcome to visit our studio.

We aim to keep our range on the website in stock.

You can order those directly from our website –simply go to the website page of the piece you want and order it from there.

All you do is fill in your relevant details – we take care of the rest.
…if you get stuck or need help give us a call.

These are all custom designed and manufactured individually.
Our design manufacture process takes between 8 – 12 weeks.

We are pretty good at that.
If you need any help we offer design consultations – email or msg photos of your garden setting and we will call you to discuss design options with you.

You can also book a consultation with us to see our range and talk about options at our design studio – bring photos with you so we can see your space to begin with.

Our process:

We aim to keep our mirrors and trellis range in stock and can generally dispatch orders in 7-10 days. If it’s more urgent just let us know, we’ll see what we can do.

Upon order we apply the finishing touches to your wrought iron –That includes paint finishes, assembling and wrap pieces.
Meanwhile our office will email you an invoice, which you can pay via NBT ahead of delivery or COD at pick up.

We freight our pieces to the places in Australia where reliable couriers can deliver them. This includes Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and their surrounding areas.

We deliver our own pieces in Sydney for a set fee or you can pick up from our studio.

Reliable couriers do not service some out back areas so we may have difficulty there. If in doubt give us a call.

Yes you can pick up from our studio. Address supplied on request.

Being fragile and heavy we wrap our products with great care and freight them with reliable couriers.
In saying that these are not small pieces and couriers will not take kindly to awkward delivery sites.
It is important that you let us know any details that may hinder an easy delivery.
Your signature is required as receipt of your pieces in good condition.

We suggest that you check the condition of your order before accepting it.
If you are not at available to accept delivery, we suggest leaving a note that’s clearly visible saying that you approve of your order being left at your door.
Couriers don’t get paid for 2nd attempts to deliver items

In the rare case that a mirror is broken or trellis damaged by the courier.
We will take responsibility for its repair.

Hanging Rivas Design outdoor mirrors.

Mirrors are heavy and fragile – we don’t supply the fittings because they differ according to the wall they are going into.
We always suggest using experienced trades people.

This is what our installers do:

  • Check the mirror lay-out before hanging it on your wall, marking the mirror position on the wall.
  • When hanging multiple mirrors as an extended set across or up your wall check the mm spec sheet to work out your layout.
  • Our mirrors have tabs to hang them and can be hung landscape or portrait simply by facing the tabs at the top and bottom or on either side.

· Landscape to run mirrors across your wall or portrait to run mirrors up a wall.

  • In a masonry wall they use an expanding wall plug and screw fitting. These go in from the front straight through the tab into the drilled hole.
  • In timber we drill a small pilot hole for the wood screw.
  • Make sure these are all strong enough to hold the weight of your mirrors.
  • The tabs have holes that accommodate a 6 – 6.5mm drill bit and wall plug.
    With the mirror in place mark the first tab hole and drill it.
  • Start with one tab, checking the levels before doing the others.
  • For multiple piece sets -Begin by hanging one piece first, checking that it’s level before drilling the hole and screw it in. They hang the second piece butting the two halves against each other – and so on without gaps.
  • Where walls are not level, washers can be placed behind the tabs to create a plane surface. Keeping it level keeps the reflection perfect.
  • If your mirror has scrolls – They attach those once the mirrors are hung. They fit onto the threads on the sides + have hex nuts on them to tighten them in place.

We paint the screw heads to match the tab or the whole tab to match the wall. Our mirrors are painted with satin black or satin black brushed with copper. Because the frames are hot dip galvanized with zinc to prevent rust – paint touch ups may be required. Where feasible we will supply this if required.

The scrolled gate design mirrors come in 4 pieces – two halves of the mirror & two scrolls.

The design of this mirror, means it can be hung either upright with scrolls top and bottom or sideways with scrolls left & right. The tabs that hold the mirror on the wall and the thread that holds the scrolls on are on the sides your scrolls will face.

Yes – If you are in Sydney.
Rivas Design uses The Handyman-Handymen team to do any installation work required. These are the same installers who deliver and install all our wrought iron from mirrors to wall art, panels, gates and doors.

[They also do general handyman work including building/painting feature walls if required]

We can quote you the installation based on what it is and where it’s going.

Cleaning your mirror glass.

Mix up a small bucket of warm water with a drop or two of detergent to create a soapy mix – We use Morning-fresh and a couple of drops is all you need.

Use a sponge to clean the glass with your soapy water. Wipe off with a chamois rinsed in clean water. A micro fibre cloth is ok if you don’t have a chamois.

Polish dry with scrunched up clean newspaper or micro fibre cloth.
A one-sided sharp razor blade is great for getting small marks off your glass. [Make sure the blade is sharp or it can scratch the glass.]