Mirror mirror on an outside wall

Circular mirror with vase 11

If you have a small outdoor space you’re struggling to style, hanging an outdoor mirror on a wall in that space is a great place to start your styling journey.

Mirrors draw your attention to their reflective surfaces making small spaces feel intimate and full of intrigue. They catch fabulous views of your garden and courtyard, bringing light to dull areas and an increased sense of space. Even as night falls, they continue to catch light beautifully, reflecting the glow of garden lights and accessories. Outdoor mirrors can appear to be windows or doorways through to areas beyond, making small spaces feel bigger.
Solid end walls on balconies or plain walls in courtyards are often overlooked as the ideal spot to hang mirrors but they work brilliantly in these spaces.

Choose a mirror that suits the size of the wall. One that is large will work as a feature which is preferable to one that’s too small which gets lost on a wall and then looks like an accessory.

Hanging mirrors on a wall as a first step will help you see your styling possibilities.
Once your mirror is hung, you’ll easily see what else you need to style your space and where to position any pieces for maximum effect.

A table and chairs – relaxed casual seating – feature plants or a set of large pot plants.

Let the mirror reflections guide your styling choices and see how easily your stylish outdoor space comes together.