Tips for hanging the Scrolled Gate design mirrors.

  • This mirror comes in 4 pieces – two halves of the mirror & two scrolls.
  • The design of this mirror, means it can be hung either upright with scrolls top and bottom or sideways with scrolls left & right. [as in photos above] The tabs that hold the mirror on the wall and the thread that holds the scrolls on are on the sides your scrolls will face.
  • Because its heavy & fragile it’s best to have help while you hang this mirror.
  • Check the mirror lay out before hanging it on your wall.
  • Face the tabs and threads the way you want the scrolls to face.
  • The tabs have holes that accommodate a 6 – 6.5mm drill bit.
  • In a masonry wall we use a fitting that is both screw and expanding wall plug in one. These go in from the front straight through the tab into the drilled hole. In timber we drill a pilot hole for the wood screw.
  • Make sure these are all strong enough to hold the weight of your mirrors.
  • Begin by hanging one side first, checking that it’s level before you drill the hole and screw it in. Hang the second piece butting the two halves against each other in the center – so you don’t leave a gap.
  • If your wall isn’t level washers may need to be placed behind the tabs to create a plane surface. Keeping it level keeps the reflection perfect. Attach scrolls to the threads with the hex nut that’s on them.
  • We paint the screw head to match the tab or the whole tab to match the wall. Our mirrors are painted with satin black or satin black brushed with copper. Because the frames are hot dip galvanized with zinc to prevent rust – paint touch ups may be required.

We clean our mirror glass with a mix of warm water and a drop or two of ‘morning fresh” detergent, mixed in a bucket. sponge to clean + polish dry with scrunched up newspaper.
A one sided very sharp razor blade is great for getting small marks off your glass. If it’s not sharp it can scratch the glass.

I hope that’s a help, need more info, just give us a call.